Types of led landscape lighting

Led lights illuminate the garden space with very unique and attractive beauty. Led landscape lighting includes beautiful garden pillar lights, garden lawn lamps, and cheap modern gate lights. In today’s article, we will learn together the most popular, most beautiful landscape lighting LEDs from which you can choose for your space the best-led landscape lighting.

Overview of led landscape lighting

Led landscape lighting is a shared living space of the whole family after a tiring working day. As a gathering place for each member, space helps the members get closer together. Not only the family but also landscape lighting LED is also widely used in stage decoration, cafe …

Led landscape lighting is a device that helps take care of the living space, and the house space has a large garden, lots of trees, the installation of led landscape lighting is a great thing, bringing the ideal space for your house.

The landscape lights not only provide enough light for all activities to take place regularly but also add beauty to the home space. The type of landscape lighting LED, also known as garden reflectors, brings many beautiful landscapes, using yellow light to bring a cozy space, helping family members closer together. Led landscape lighting is a type of light used outdoors, so the factors need to mention: water resistance, dust resistance, safety insulation, proper illumination, light must be focus and project properly with greenery.

Led landscape lighting is using the led bulbs mounted inside the lamp, for small trees. For the more giant canopy trees, it is necessary to use led headlights with a capacity of 20 – 50W with large canopy trees using a capacity of about 100w or more.

Because garden space often has many people participating in activities, taking place parties, so the collision of the garden lights is unavoidable. And therefore, the glass must be made of tempered glass that can withstand strong impact; the lamp frame must be made of cast aluminum, ensuring proper operation under the outdoor environment.

These types of LEDs light beautiful landscapes

  • LED underground lights decorative garden lighting

LED underground lights (LED buried lights) is a new range of LED lighting products, with breakthrough applications in highlighting space lighting. With IP66 and IP67 design with excellent water-impact resistance, the body is made of high-grade aluminum alloy; the underground LED lights are installed on the ground or the floor with vibrant lighting colors. Also, other installation positions are used to create landscapes such as under a tree, the position next to the wall, the foot of the column.

Led underground lights have a capacity of 3W 4W to 24W. Depending on the location to create accent lighting, you should choose the appropriate size to increase lighting efficiency.

  • Led garden lights

Led headlights to use SMD 2835 chip technology, stable light increases illuminance by 20%, saves 80% power. The heat sink system is made of very thick powder-coated aluminum alloy, arranged behind the lam to help the lamp cool quickly. Working temperature: -30 to +55 degrees Celsius.

The reflector is coated with reflective silver, giving the light 1.2 times. LED flood lights often provide ample light and high intensity, so it is suitable for gardens with large spaces. In addition to the garden with many ancient trees, the LED tree lights are a great choice.

  • Mushroom lights decorate the garden

The mushroom lamp has a compact design, sleek, height from 0.5m -1m, occupying little area when installing in flower beds, miniatures. Mushroom lamps are very diverse colors, so the combination with garden space is comfortable.

It is diffuse, safe, environmentally friendly mushroom light. Easy to install, primarily garden mushroom lamp is designed according to IP65 waterproof, extremely high, no fire when installing outdoors, so it is very safe to use.

  • Grass lights illuminate the garden

Lawn lamp is an outdoor light used to create light effects for waterfalls, tree mats, large lawn mats, decorative lighting for rockery, flagpoles, and this is the necessary choice for the garden in your house.

  • Modern port light

New port light was the most chosen model of customers. Modern villa gate light is designed in an elegant, diversified pattern suitable for many gate posts, fence walls.

Square pillar lamp has many sizes and beautiful square designs for customers with many choices to bring shimmering beauty to the fence gate of villas adjacent to the garden.

Some notes when choosing led landscape lighting

Led landscape lighting is the type of lighting used outdoors, so when choosing landscape lighting LEDs, you need to pay attention to water resistance, dust resistance, safety insulation, proper illumination. And the light must be focused and illuminated within reach of the trees.

Led landscape lighting is made of powder-coated aluminum, and the glass must be made of toughened glass to withstand a strong impact. The frame must be made of cast aluminum, ensuring proper operation under the environment outside.

 Depending on the space of the garden, you should choose the appropriate lighting capacity, bulbs in the garden only need to have sufficient ability to light the aisle and objects. There is no need to use too large capacity bulbs, which cause glare, which reduces the aesthetics of the house and causes additional electricity costs. It would be best if you only chose lamps with a capacity of 100W – 120W to highlight greenery and ornamental stones or select the light of 40 W to use for street lighting.

In conclusion

Above are useful sharing to help you better understand the types of landscape lighting LEDs, beautiful and popular models today. To make more sparkling for your living space, you choose the best LED landscape lighting for yourself.