The Differences Between Angle Grinder And Rotary Tool

For jobs involving manufacturing, surface processing requiring high aesthetics will need a variety of support tools. Each job requires different properties and support tools such as chain saws, hand-held wood saws, angle grinders, mold machines … So if you are a professional, you often need a lot of devices with these features for different use. This often confuses choosing and distinguishing between products that, at first glance, have similar functions. In particular, the trouble between angle grinders and rotary tools is widespread. So to avoid those situations that can happen to you, the following article I will share some information that you can choose for yourself a suitable product.

Rotary tool

To understand the product, firstly, users need to follow the definition of that model carefully, understand properly to choose the right purchase, just like when we go shopping, will ask the question: What is this machine used for? How to use it? …

If an angle grinder is intended for grinding large surfaces, the specialized rotary tool is designed for grinding small parts or areas that cannot be reached by an angle grinder. The design of the mold grinding machine is more modest, cylindrical shape stands, users can adequately handle working in one hand.

The rotary tool uses a grinding machine on the machine’s head with shapes such as rectangular or triangular cylinder, round cylinder … depending on the purpose of use, the user will choose the appropriate grinding mold.

The rotary tool is used to polish flat parts, inside and outside the tube, polishing hard-to-reach narrow corners … grinding mold, hole grinding, or small details.

Angle grinder and its application

  • Regarding design

Angle grinders usually have a hand-held model, using a grinding disc with a diameter ranging from 100 mm – 150mm. This machine is generally made of high-quality steel and plastic alloy material, durable, excellent impact resistance, and withstand harsh working conditions. The solid grinding disc is designed for fast, compact, and fine sharpening without damaging the surface and structure of the material. The machine also integrates an electronic speed adjustment system to help the operation process be stable.

Besides, this product line is mostly designed with eye-catching colors, creating a sense of comfort for your inherently dry working environment, inspiring you to work more effectively. With these types of grinding machines, it is usually designed to cover the grinding disc to limit the abrasive dust that affects the user.

Also, the design for angle machines is usually quite compact and lightweight to be convenient for use. The weight of these machines typically ranges from 1.5 kg to 2 kg. In the course of working, you will not feel pain or inconvenience in moving, changing work positions. Not to mention the fact that it is also equipped with a firm grip that is both flexible in control and still ensures safety during working.

  • Uses

Regarding the use of these two types of machines with similar functions, the same surface is grinding or polishing. The difference, as mentioned above, is the ability to sharpen the surface of large or small areas, overall or detailed grinding.

Angle grinders will be more durable and grind faster, but can’t scrape small and meticulous details like a mold grinder. Therefore, if you are a professional worker, you will need to equip both types of grinding machines.

You should note that the function and use of angle grinders sometimes depend on whether you choose a grinding machine capable of cutting or polishing on materials. It also depends on many factors to select the most suitable device, such as power or operating speed and including accessories included.

Metal polishing: The first application of hand-held angle grinders, in general, is the ability to polish metal surfaces. With the ability to remove rust or peeling paint on metal surfaces, the angle grinder will use iron brush accessories that also help to clean the crevices and sharp corners effectively.

Metal cutting: Besides, you can thoroughly perform metal cutting with a chainsaw, but for fast and definitive, angle grinders are always a perfect choice. Just by attaching a cutting stone accessory to your angle grinder, you have an efficient cutting device to cut steel reinforcement, angle iron, rusty bolts, barbed wire fences, etc.

Sharpening other metal tools: When an abrasive accessory is added, the angular eyebrow sharpener becomes a great tool to help you hone the edges and edges of devices like a hoe, shovel, rake, … after a long time of using. It helps us sharpen the ax blade or lawn mower blade before use.

In conclusion

With the information in the article, I hope you will understand the difference between these two common types of grinding machines to choose a suitable product, choose the best grinding machine for your job. From there will give you the right choice to use circumstances to achieve maximum efficiency at work.

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